Welcome to Music Delta

If you are like us, you LOVE music!

Music Delta is a cloud-based collection of resources for making music and learning about music history.

Teachers can design their own units in Music Delta by customizing premade courses and pinning them to their class dashboards. Each of the courses in Music Delta includes engaging articles, puzzles and interactive tools for making and studying music.

The learning dashboard built into Music Delta allows teachers to easily monitor learning progress, share assignments, and generate progress reports for the students.

The Music Delta Courses

Music Delta comes with an ever growing collection of courses. Whether you want to learn about the music of Mozart or the different styles of jazz, there is courses for you. The courses contain articles, interactive applications, music examples and quizzes.

Learn Music History

Use our great online textbook with more than 40 different unique interactive performance Stages and links to numerous relevant videos.


In the Apps module you can access a fascinating tool for remixing and composing music by the use of small music clips, you will find songs to sing and play along to. All songs performed by professional musicians.